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I did some testing on my Bio-Fresh and Bio-Booster products, and have posted the results and my observations. It is an interesting read and you can find it here: Bio-Fresh and Bio-Booster Results"

Read our article published in the Racing Pigeon Digest. It has to do with pigeon health, immunity and addresses the abuse of antiboitics and medications. Includes many practice for maintaining health in your birds. The 91% You Don't Know

Read my article on the benefits of using probiotics and prebiotics. I do not think you will find a better explanation of what I call the Probiotic Dividend than what you will find in this article. It is the culmination of years of experience and reading many scientific articles on the subject. The Probiotic "Health Dividend"

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New >>>   Additional information on how to use Super Creatine Plus and Muscle Max

Additional information on how to use Max immune Plus and Show Stopper

Additional information on how to use Five Star and Power Drops

New >>>   Additional information on how to use Bio-Fresh and Bio-Booster

Comparing Max Immune Plus, Show Stopper and Five Star to Improver and Antifungal

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Here are the product listings:
Golden Drops     The best product I hope you never use - added on 03/04/2014
Triple Action Respiratory Treatment     New All Natural Respiratory Product added on 01/08/2014
Bio-Booster     New Product added on 11/21/2012   Improves the Effectiveness of any Probiotic Product
Max Immune Plus
Show Stopper
Bio-Fresh     Two New "Friendly Bacteria" strains" added on 09/30/2012   Now contains 12 "Friendly Bacteria" strains"
Power Drops     New product - Great Results!
Five Star     For those special health problems
Super Creatine Plus     New Improved Formula
Muscle Max     New product - Great Results!
Muscle Powder     New Performance Test Product
Vitamin & Mineral Supplements
Max-A-Million     New Colloidal Mineral Product
V/M Booster and Super B Complex are described on the Product Price sheet

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