Instructions for product order from outside the USA

After many request, I have decided to sell to customers outside the USA. Initially, I resisted this business, mostly because of the extra work involved and having to go to the post office with the customs forms and stand in line, which is time consuming.


If you want to order products from me, you will first need to have a PayPal account. If you do not already have a PayPal account, you should go to their website,

As a second option, you may send money to me through Western Union

You may then email me instructions on what products you want to order and what size of product (when different sizes are offered). Please include your address and phone number so I can figure out the postage and have your phone number of file for the customs forms. I will then package up your order, get the weight to figure postage cost and email back to you an invoice in US dollars for the products you requested. You will then pay me through PayPal or Western Union and I will ship the order.

I use Global Priority Mail when I ship. This allows me to track the order all the way to your address. I will send you the tracking number so you may also track the order.

I will ship to you if you request that I ship to you. I have successfully shipped to Canada, South Africa, Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK, Portugal and Indonesia. However, I cannot control what your customs office will accept or not accept. If you have any questions about which products or ingredients are allowed by your country, please check with your custom's office before placing an order. The only country with which a customer had a problem importing my products was Australia. In no other situation has there ever been a problem importing our products.

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