RacingPigeonMall ~ Product Usage Sheet

First of all, if you are using my products (Max Immune Plus and Show Stopper), you should have no need to treat with antibiotics, treat for respiratory, or use a coccidiostat on the birds. I recommend treating the birds for canker once before the breeding season and for old bird racers once before the racing season, if not treated with the breeders earlier. For youngbird racers, I recommend treating for canker once three weeks before racing begins and once again, three weeks after racing begins. Besides the above, you should need no other treatments for your birds year around, except a wormer.

If you vaccinate your birds, give Max Immune Plus or Show Stopper every day for three days starting the morning of the day you vaccinate. Vaccination, temporarily weakens your bird's immune response and makes them susceptible to viral and bacterial infections.

You may have noticed that your birds are often “down” for several days after being vaccinated. This is the reason why. When you vaccinate, the bird's immune system begins fighting off the viral injection and this process builds immunity to the virus. While they are fighting the effects of the vaccination (creating antibodies), their immune response is weakened and this makes them susceptible to secondary infections. It is important to give my immunity building products during this transition period otherwise problems may develop relating to some bacterial infection or respiratory inflammation.

If your bird's dropping go watery, slimy, discolored, or show any other symptoms of being off, use Show Stopper and or Max Immune Plus every day until the droppings are “right”.

We also have a new "all natural" anti-microbial product called Five Star which is very successful when dealing with green, watery and slimy droppings.

Schedule for usage:

Racing Season Old or Youngbird:

  • Max Immune Plus: Use on the day after the race
  • Show Stopper: Use on the 3rd day and 5th day after the race
  • Super Creatine Plus: Use on the day after a race and on the day before basketing

Pre-Race Season Training:

  • Day One: Show Stopper
  • Day Two: Super Creatine Plus
  • Day Three: Max Immune Plus
  • Day Four: Free
  • Day Five: Show Stopper
  • Day Six: Super Creatine Plus
  • Day Seven: Free


  • Max Immune Plus: While babies are in the nest, use at least once a week
  • Show Stopper: While babies are in the nest, use at least once a week
  • Super Creatine Plus: Use at half strength at least two times a week.

Instructions for the normal use of my products:

Warning ~ do not use Super Creatine Plus ( in the same water) at the same time as you are using highly acid or alkaline products such as apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, clorox, etc. These acid or alkaline ingredients have the tendency to reduce the effectiveness or absorption of Super Creatine Plus. It is better to use Super Creatine Plus in water that is free of any strong alkaline or acidic additives. You should never use any of my products on the same days as you are using clorox, as clorox will neutralize much of the effectiveness in my products.

Special Note When Using Max Immune Plus and / or Show Stopper

Additional information on how to use Max immune Plus and Show Stopper

The health plan stated on these pages, assumes that a fancier will be using Max Immune Plus AND Show Stopper as part of their health program. If you decide to use just one of these products, then you should increase the number to times you use that product during the week. For example, during race season, I recommnend using Max Immune Plus one day a week and Show Stopper two days a week. So, if you were only using Show Stopper or only using Max Immune Plus, then you should use that product three times during the week.

The best approach is to use both products as directed. Each product contains certain common ingredients and each product contains unique ingredients not found in the other product. It is the use of both products during the week that provides the greatest level of protection for your bird's health and well being. I understand that some prefer not to put "stuff" in the water and some prefer not to put "stuff" on the feed. I have clients that use just one or the other as it fits their management regime. Each product is beneficial on it own as a stand alone protector of your birds health, but when used together throughout the week, they actually function better than either used seperately.

How to use Show Stopper:

Show Stopper is not easily water soluble, so it is best to put it on the feed: lightly moisten the feed with just enough oil to put the slightest sheen on the seeds. Shake or stir the feed/oil mix and then add the correct amount of Show Stopper to the mix (approximately ~ one teaspoon per 50 birds) and mix again.

The best oils to use are the salad oils and not the cooking oils. You can use oils like olive, safflower, corn, peanut, flaxseed, sesame, etc. Do not use the oils that are for cooking, they are usually manufactured to withstand high heat and that manufacturing process usually makes them less digestible than the salad oils.

The idea is to use just enough oil to put a sheen on the seeds so the Show Stopper better sticks to the seeds, but not enough oil that the seeds are stuck to each other, or look oily. Usually, if you let the mix set for several minutes, the oil will absorb into the feed and the Show Stopper will still stick to the feed.

Show Stopper needs only be fed for one meal in a day. Therefore, if you feed more than once a day, only use Show Stopper on one meal that day. Sometimes, your feed does not need oil for Show Stopper to stick. Or an alternate to oil is a little water or any other liquid you might already be using with the birds.

How to use Max Immune Plus:

Normal dosage is one teaspoon of Max Immune Plus in the water for every 80 birds. For most folks, experiencing temperate weather, this will work out to about one teaspoon per gallon of water. In hot climates, water consumption can be almost twice that amount per 80 birds (1.8 – 2.0 gallons per 80 birds a day) so reduce the amount of Max Immune Plus per gallon as each bird will consume more water. When it is much colder or freezing, water consumption is less that one gallon per 80 birds so put more Max Immune Plus in the water since less water is being consumed per bird during cold weather. However, the transmission of bacterial infections are less likely during very cold weather so increasing the dosage is not very important at this time.

Max Immune Plus is water soluble, but if you prefer, you can instead put Max Immune Plus on the feed.

How to use Bio-Fresh Probiotic:

The preferred dosage is 1/2 teaspoon per 80 birds in the water. The same observations about temperature dependent usage per gallon, apply as is mentioned for Max Immune Plus above.

Since Bio-Fresh is included in Show Stopper and Max Immune Plus, if you are using these products, you might only want to use the Bio-Fresh product one day a week (at half strength) in the water or on the feed. If you are not using my Show Stopper or Max Immune Plus products then you might want to use Bio-Fresh two times a week or in times of stress, three times a week.

How to use Super Creatine Plus:

The preferred dosage is 1/2 teaspoon per 35 birds in the water. The same observations about temperature dependent usage per gallon, apply as is mentioned for Max Immune Plus above.

How to use Five Star:

The preferred dosage is One rounded teaspoon of Five Star + one teaspoon of Show Stopper per 50 birds on the feed. It is usually best not to use other medications or anti-biotics while using Five Star. We have found that by the time many fanciers get around to using Five Star, they have already attempted several antibiotic treatments (or used other medications) and the birds are now immune depressed, and their internal organs are fatiqued from flushing out the toxins associated with most medication usage.

Five Star, is "all natural" and will not adversely affect the immune response nor cause stress to the internal organs, so it is preferable to give Five Star exclusively for five to seven days without the added stress of other medications or anti-biotics. We mix the Five Star with the Show Stopper because the Show Stopper contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals and digestive aids to rebuild your birds, while being treated.

If a customer already has Show Stopper, we will sell them the Five Star in its pure form to be mixed with Show Stopper as explained above. However, we will pre-mix the Five Star and Show Stopper products together for those fanciers that do not already have Show Stopper, or for those customers that prefer a pre-mixed product. We call this mix, Five Star + SS.

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