Information about dosage and use of Max Immune Plus
The ideal plan for health is use Max Immune Plus and Show Stopper on different days of the week. However, if you want to only use Max Immune Plus then follow the below instructions
Breeders: Twice a week in preparation for the breeding season then twice a week for as long as there are youngsters in the nest. Because youngsters in the nest are most susceptible to these types of infection, you should give Max Immune Plus twice a week. This will prevent those setbacks that can hamper the development of the youngsters during this important growth period and will protect them from the invisible internal damage that hinders them throughout their racing careers.
Old Bird Racers: Once a week during training until you start mixing your birds with other birds on the training truck, then twice a week. During the racing season, give on the day of arrival from the race or the day after arrival, and give again two days . If birds have been exposed to harsh weather like heavy rains, extreme cold or it was a two day race, then give for one additional day.
Youngbird Racers: Same as the Old Bird schedule above. If you bring in new birds from outside sources, then treat on that day as well.
At first sign of outbreak: Give daily until symptoms subside or until you can start the birds on "Five Star".
All other times: Once a week
Estimated treatment is one teaspoon of Max Immune Plus per 80 birds.
If used in the drinking water this usually works out to about one teaspoon per gallon.