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About this newsletter   by John Vance, editor

Welcome to this special issue of the Racing Pigeon Enthusiast, This newsletter is sponsored by and it is hoped that many more issues will follow.

In this newsletter, you will find a "Tip of the Month", that might save your race season.

I will also be introducing you to our three racing pigeon health products. I am not a pigeon supply house and do not intend to sell hundreds of medication, loft supplies, vitamins or supplements. I have however, done considerable research and have created three products that I believe will greatly benefit the sport.

We are getting good feedback on our Max Immune Plus product and now want to introduce you to our "Show Stopper" and "Bio-Fresh" products. Max Immune Plus and Show Stopper are the best immune building health products on the market today and Bio-Fresh is the best pre-biotic / pro-biotic available at any price.

If you have articles that you would like published in the newsletter please feel free to e-mail them to me. This newsletter goes out to about 700+ subscribers. The number of subscribers changes with every issue as some new subscribers sign up and others are dropped because they have changed their e-mail address and have not updated their information in our database.

Tip of the Month ~ Beware!   by John Vance, editor

More and more, we in the sport are learning to incorporate natural products into our bird's health programs that replace the need for antibiotics and other medications. All the time we hear about this or that new use of a common foodstuff or drink that can be used for the benefit of our birds. For example, Apple cider vinegar and garlic are two that have found wide-spread acceptance within the sport. However, not everything that glitters is always gold. Sometimes, we need to be careful.

Grapefruit, is a common household foodstuff that is being incorporated into some pigeon fancier's health regimes. Of late, Grapefruit Seed Extract has been touted as an antifungal / antibacterial. However, if you plan to use this product, you need to read the below information and be on the lookout for any adverse effects that might arise from the use of grapefruit juice or grapefruit seed extract on your birds.

I thought I would share this information (see below) that I picked up about a year ago about grapefruit. I am not saying grapefruit or grapefruit seed extract are a problem, I am only pointing out that there is a contradiction you should be aware of if you plan on using these substances. Beware of using them in conjunction with other treatments.

It could be that grapefruit does not adversely affect any of the medications we commonly use on our birds, but one should be aware of the possibility of overdosing your birds when mixing grapefruit with medications. I would even be careful using them with some vitamins as the oil based vitamins are slow metabolizers all on their own, and one can easily knock their race team off form with an overdose of vitamins.

***** BEGIN information *****

"The January 5th issue of the Medical Letter, a widely respected source of independent information about pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, has a review of the increasingly researched problem of the interaction between grapefruit juice and many prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Like most interactions between chemicals in the body, this one involves the impairment, by grapefruit juice, of the body's ability to metabolize many drugs, leading to higher than expected - and sometimes dangerous - levels of these drugs."

***** END *****

Does this mean you should not use grapefruit on your birds? Not at all, grapefruit may well have many beneficial properties for our birds, it only means that until we learn more on this subject, do not use grapefruit juice, pulp or seed extract at the same time you are medicating your birds. I would extend that to include not using grapefruit products on the day before or the day after using medications on your birds. Better to be safe then to learn the hard way (through an overdose) that there is a contradiction between some medication we use and grapefruit products.

Just one person's opinion ~ John Vance

Max Immune Plus

Max Immune Plus is our water soluble product based on all natural sources of immunoglobulins, antibodies, and T-cell activators. Max Immune Plus is to be used as a preventive and during recovery from YB Sickness, Circovirus, Adenovirus, Enteritis, etc. Max Immune Plus destroys viruses, "bad" bacteria, yeast, fungus, allergens and other toxins. It contains antibodies against Rotavirus, Coronavirus, E coli, Clostridium, Salmonella, Paratyphoid, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Candida, H pylori, Cryptosporidium and many other pathogens. Max Immune Plus may be applied on the feed or in the water and contains important minerals, vitamins, amino acids and probiotics necessary for stabilization and recovery.

We have recently updated the ingredient list for Max Immune Plus to include two additional strains of probiotics (Friendly bacteria) and we have added a pre-biotic growth mixture to enhance the beneficial effect of our additional strains of probiotics. A prebiotic is a blend of specialized ingredients that actually encourages the probiotic bacteria colonies to bloom, multiply and better establish themselves in the intestinal track of our racing pigeons. Prebiotics create the correct environmental conditions for friendly bacterial growth.

Prebiotics supply the exact nutrient blends and environmental conditions necessary for our friendly bacteria (probiotics) to build healthy colonies and do their job more effectively. Studies show that when the "correct" prebiotic ingredients are made available, friendly bacteria in the gut of our birds will multiply 2 - 4 times faster than without these "correct" prebiotic mixtures. We obtain our prebiotics from the same labs that ship us (by over night delivery) our probiotic friendly bacteria strains. In this way, you are getting maximized protection and colonization from the probiotics included in the Max Immune Plus product.

To read more about Max Immune Plus go to:

The "Bio-Fresh" Probiotic System  

Our probiotics are grown for us by the top culture lab in North America, then shipped by overnight delivery right to our doorstep. Upon arrival, these probiotics are refrigerated to maximize colony building potential until delivered to you the end consumer. We mix our products on demand, that means the product we ship to you was mixed and packaged usually within one or two days of shipping. Often, we mix the ingredients on the day of shipping.

We ship all products USPS Priority Mail (flat rate of $4.70 regardless of the number of items ordered). This guarantees that you will receive the freshest most viable probiotics on the market today. You just cannot get a fresher, stronger more vital probiotic product than what we offer at RacingPigeonMall. Even if you went right to the health food store you couldn't get anything near as vital and fresh as our "on-demand" probiotics. That is one important feature which distinguishes us from the competition. We do our own mixing and packaging on a daily basis.

Probiotics are an important tool in establishing and preserving the good health of your birds. These probiotics play important roles in protecting the bird from viral and bacterial infections, probiotics enhance the bird's ability to assimilate vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The particular patented strains of probiotics we utilize in our "Bio-Fresh" Probiotic System, are know to product their own natural immunity building substances, greatly improving the health of the birds and enabling the birds to more easily fight off viral and bacterial infections.

There is no product on the market today that is as viable or as "fresh" as our "Bio-Fresh" Probiotic System. Don't order your probiotics from supply houses where they may have been sitting for months in a warehouse before being delivered to the pigeon supply house. At the pigeon supply center these probiotics may sit for yet another period of months before finally being sold and delivered to you. You are doing yourself and your birds a big favor when you order your probiotics "fresh" from us and delivered by Priority Mail.

In addition to the patented strains of probiotics that we utilize, "Bio-Fresh" contains special "pre-biotics" which supply select micro-nutrients for better colony growth and effectiveness in protecting your birds.

A prebiotic is a blend of specialized ingredients that actually encourages the probiotic bacteria colonies to bloom, multiply and better establish themselves in the intestinal track of our racing pigeons. Prebiotics create the correct environmental conditions and deliver beneficial micro-nutrients for friendly bacterial growth. Studies have shown that these pre-biotics increases the probiotic effect in your birds by 2 - 4 fold.

Every gram of our probiotic / prebiotic mixture contains billions of the colony forming friendly bacteria most helpful for pigeon health

To read more about Bio-Fresh go to:

Show Stopper with "Cocci-Gone" the proven "all natural" coccidiosis inhibitor  

Show Stopper is a new product. We have been selling Show Stopper for a few weeks and just like Max Immune Plus, the reports we get back on this product are fantastic. Show Stopper is really an extension of the Max Immune health system. When you use Show Stopper and Max Immune Plus together on a regular basis, there is no greater protection you can give your birds then these two synergistic products.

You might be wondering why I have not just incorporated the ingredients of Show Stopper and Max Immune Plus into one super immunity building product for the sport. Well, the answer is simple. There are several all natural immunity building ingredients in Show Stopper, which are of greatly benefit to our birds but which I could not include in the Max Immune Plus product since the Max Immune Plus product is water soluble and these additional all natural immunity building ingredients are not easily water soluble. Therefore, I created two products (Max Immune Plus and Show Stopper) each of which can be used individually as excellent Immunity builders but when incorporated together into a health program, creates the most effective immune building health system available today, for the racing pigeon sport.

Show Stopper, is the only pigeon product on the market today that includes "Cocci-Gone" a scientifically proven "all natural" coccidiosis inhibitor, and Show Stopper includes special healing ingredients that condition and repair damage (scaring) to our bird's digestive tract.

Pathogenic bacteria, like Salmonella, e Coli, Coccidiosis, etc., not only make our birds sick with their toxins, but they also scar the intestinal lining often causing permanent damage to our bird's ability to effectively intake nutrients or remove waste. Show Stopper utilizes special ingredients that condition and repair damage (scaring) to our bird's digestive tract allowing for better nutrient utilization and waste removal. These ingredients not only repair "past digestive tract damage" but minimize the possibility of "future damage" to your birds.

Show Stopper also contains several additional strains of friendly bacteria which not found in the Max Immune Plus product.

These two products (Max Immune Plus and Show Stopper) can be used separately but when used in conjunction with each other, they are the "state of the art" for "all natural" health in our birds. Fanciers who utilize the Max Immune Plus and Show Stopper products will have little need for medications or antibiotics throughout the year. To read more about the many additional benefits available from using these products please visit our website.

To read more about Show Stopper go to:

10% off Special + $5.00 Free Gift  

Order (1) Max Immune Plus and (2) Show Stopper products and receive 10% off the price.

Order the above special and get 10% off of Bio-Fresh.

Make any order and get a free Emergency Kit for sewing up our injured birds (hawks, wires, etc), a $5.00 value. No humane fancier should be without an emergency kit for their birds

Shipping on all items is by Priority Mail at the flat rate of $4.70 regardless of the number of items ordered. Whether you order one item or one hundred items the shipping is still only $4.70 by priority mail.

Max Immune Plus ~ 13.49

Show Stopper ~ 12.49

Bio-Fresh ~ 14.49

NOTE: When taking orders, I prefer to talk to you on the phone. This sport is very complex, often fanciers use multiple products on different days and sometimes fanciers do not fully understand just how my products best work to improve the health of their birds. A few minutes on the phone with you, understanding your current health system, will allow me to give specific instructions on the use of our products to maximize your results. Often, after I have better understood what you are currently doing to prepare your birds for the races, I can tailor the delivery schedule of my products to work synergistically with your other supplements. Sometimes, I can recommend discontinuing something you are currently doing because my products already addresses that concern or nutritional need better.

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