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Max Immune Plus

To be used as a preventive and during recovery from YB Sickness, Circovirus, Adenovirus, Enteritis, etc. Destroys viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus, allergens and other toxins. Contains antibodies against Rotavirus, Coronavirus, E coli, Clostridium, Salmonella, Paratyphoid, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Candida, H pylori, Cryptosporidium and many other pathogens. May be applied to feed or in the water. Also contains important minerals, vitamins, amino acids and probiotics necessary for stabilization and recovery. And now contains the new "Bio-Fresh" Probiotic System for outstanding friendly bacteria protection.

The immune system is the body's defense against infectious organisms and other invaders. Through a series of steps called the immune response, the immune system attacks organisms and substances that invade our systems and cause disease.

Most infectious diseases that our racing pigeons encounter are precipitated by immune suppression associated with natural stresses (e.g., raising young, inclement weather, injury, etc.) and stresses brought on by management practices (e.g., over crowding, racing and training, cross contamination in the shipping crates & transport, inadequate nutritional feed sources, etc.).

These stressful situations, greatly reduce the effectiveness of our bird's immune systems and provide opportunities for viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus, allergens and other toxins to suppress the immune response.

Max Immune Plus, works through a two fold process:

It directly attacks pathogenic micro-organisms and other toxins present in the bird's system

It works at the cellular level to potentiate the macrophage (specific type of white blood cells), keeping them in a highly prepared state for any threat the immune system may encounter. When your bird's immune system is in this highly prepared state, the invading organisms do not have the time to build up force and strength before the immune system attacks and destroys these invaders.

Benefits: Enhances the anti-microbial activity of immune cells, kills pathogenic bacteria by disrupting their cell walls, binds to infectious microbes in the digestive tract thereby preventing their attachment to the walls of the gut and subsequent passage into the body's tissues, promotes the growth of non pathogenic (friendly) bacterial colonies which crowd out dangerous bacterial varieties denying them a foothold in the intestinal tract, helps to repair tissues that have been damaged by immune reactions, protects against leaky intestinal membranes in young pigeons by stimulating digestive tract development, which accelerates maturity of the gut, making youngbirds less vulnerable to pathogenic infections.

Instead of cycling through medications and antibiotics to preventively protect your birds from microbial infections, just use Max Immune Plus, once a week in the water or on the feed. Approximately 44 Teaspoons of product per container.

Information about dosage and use of Max Immune Plus

The ideal plan for health is use Max Immune Plus and Show Stopper on different days of the week. However, if you want to only use Max Immune Plus then follow the below instructions

First time: The first time you use this product, administer for two days in a row then follow the below schedule

Breeders: Twice a week in preparation for the breeding season then twice a week for as long as there are youngsters in the nest. Because youngsters in the nest are most susceptible to these types of infection, you should give Max Immune Plus twice a week. This will prevent those setbacks that can hamper the development of the youngsters during this important growth period and will protect them from the invisible internal damage that hinders them throughout their racing careers.

Old Bird Racers: Once a week during training until you start mixing your birds with other birds on the training truck, then twice a week. During the racing season, give on the day of arrival from the race or the day after arrival, and give again two days . If birds have been exposed to harsh weather like heavy rains, extreme cold or it was a two day race, then give for one additional day.

Youngbird Racers: Same as the Old Bird schedule above. If you bring in new birds from outside sources, then treat on that day as well.

At first signs of outbreak: Give daily until symptoms subside.

All other times: Once a week

Estimated treatment is one teaspoon of Max Immune Plus per 80 birds.
If used in the drinking water this usually works out to about one teaspoon per gallon.

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