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Some clubs have developed the bad habit of posting the current Champion Bird, Champion Loft Lists and Average Speeds (short, medium, long and overall) every week. This results in an additional five or six listings per week in Old birds and YB series. I consider this an abuse of my offer to achive your "Race results". You are loading up my database with worthless information. 10 years for now, no one is going to care who had the 256th Champion Bird in week six of the Old Bird race series. I certainly do not mind if you keep the most current week's data and update every week.

Take a look at how the Everett RPC (top row, right column) displays their Average Speeds and Champion Bird data. They keep it at the top of the listings by putting the year in front of the Club name and then every week they modify the listing with the current week's standings and update the date field to the day of the race. Or take a look at the Middle Georgia RPC (bottom row, center column), they use a different yet equally effective method of putting the name of the report in the Date field. Either method would be preferable to multiple weekly reports.

Please go back and delete all the past week's Champion Bird, Champion Loft and Average Speeds listings. If you also want to keep the results going back one week only, so fanciers can see if they moved up or down since that week, this is OK with me, but make sure to remove it by the end of the race season, Please do not stuff my database with outdated information and expect me to archive that data for years. Thank you.

Please note: There is a $15 Annual fee to post race results.
This fee covers the cost of maintaining the Race Results area and providing support.
There is no charge for Archiving results.
For every two clubs paid, get one higher org (combine, concourse, federation) for free

Please send $15 to:
John Vance
5020 Ferndale Rd
Ferndale, WA 98248

Pay Club Fees by credit card or Paypal

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New Tutorial: Working with the date field for better results

I have created the new 2017 database. I also deleted all the members and you will need to create a new Username and Password (you can reuse the old one if you like). In order to create a new Username and Password, go back to the main page and choose "If you are a "NEW" club or combine race secretary and want to create an account with username and password Click Here!". That link will allow you to create a new account.

You will have to put in any 2017 results you already loaded in the 2016 database. If you have problems call me 360-312-8439 or make a new account

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Thank you for choosing Racing Pigeon Mall as your race results home.

The help section available on the previous page has answers to most all questions.

One note of importance is to always be consistent in the format you use for inputting the date of the race. The race results database sorts by date so if you use different date formats, it will not properly group the race results in decending order. I suggest you use the format mm/dd/yyyy (for example 04/28/2004 for April 28th, 2004). You can get this date right off the Winspeed race result and I find this the best way to get it correct.

Always use the same name for your organization. I suggest you "cut and paste" this name off the race results page. If you change the organization name during the year, it will not link all the results together as the search function sorts results by organization name as well as date.

Once you have created a record in the database, please email me and let me know you are ready to have your Quick Link created. I do not like to create a Quick Link until I have a record in the database to associate with the Quick Link. Just set up one record and let me know you are ready for your Quick Link to be created and pointed to your database.

Please register by email so I have an email address to contact you if necessary about your race results database or changes I am making to the site as a whole. Include your username and organization name in the body of the email so I can associate your contact info to a particular race results database. You need only to register once. I will send you a confirmation email to complete the process. Click Here to send Contact Information!.