How to change the order in which your results are posted

Let me tell you how the data is sorted and listed.

First, an alphanumeric sort is done to the information in the "Name of Club or Combine" field.

Then a secondary sort is carried out on the "Date of Race" field with older dates listed lower than newer dates.

In order to get a particular listing to display always at the top of the list, do this:

Since "Name of Club or Combine" is the first field to be sorted and it is sorted alphanumerically you need to have the listing you want at the top to sort higher than any other listing for your organization.

For the following examples, assume your organization is named "XYZ RP Club":

Since all you entries have "XYZ RP Club" in the "Name of Club or Combine" field, all you need to do is put something in front of "XYZ RP Club" that will cause that item to sort higher.

"A" sorts higher than "Z" and "1" sorts higher than "9" and numbers sort higher than letters. So, put something in front of "XYZ" that is higher in the sort.

For example: if you wanted your YB auction band list to always be at the top then in the "Name of Club or Combine" field put "Auction Band List" in front of "XYZ RP Club", so that the filed would read: "Auction Band List - XYZ RP Club".

The reason this works is that "A" sorts higher than "X".

If you wanted to list something higher than that listing use a description that sorts higher. Since numbers always sort higher than letters, you can keep items at the top by starting the "Name of Club or Combine" field with the year like "2004". So, "2004 Champion Bird - XYZ RP Club" will list higher than "Auction Band List - XYZ RP Club", because "2" sorts higher than "A".

Another hint: If you want your listings to be easier to figure out which race date if for which race station, then after the date put the station name. For example: instead of putting "05/15/2004" in the "Date of Race" input field, put "05/15/2004 Ashland 1" (If Ashland was the name of the race station).

Take a look at the Evergreen Concourse's listings. They use these tricks I have mentioned to make their listings more readable and to put the championships and average speeds, etc always at the top.

If after having read this, you now want to go back and change how your listings are being sorted, you can edit the races you want to change. If you don't know how to edit them, read the help file on editing.

Best regards,