Question: I have 15 races listed in my database for the club, but when I click on the quick links only 10 are displaying. Why arn't the rest showing up?

Answer: I checked your database and found that the races in your database that were not displaying when the quick link is clicked had extra spaces in the name of the organization.

When a user clicks on your quick link, an "exact" search is done to find all races that have that search text in the field "Name of Club or Combine". If that quick link is searching for "NCI Club" with only one space between NCI and club, and you accidently put 2 spaces between them, then the exact search will not find the listings with extra spaces inserted in the name.

It is hard to see the extra spaces so the best thing to do is to pull up each race that is not listing properly in edit mode and place your cursor in the "Name of Club or Combine" field and right arrow across the name counting the number of spaces between each word in the name.