After you have set up your race results database, you will want to have your organization listed in the "Quick Links". Let me explain that process...

First, email me and tell me that you have started a new account and want to be listed in the "Quick Links"

In the email, tell me what the name of your organization is: Remember, you must alway use the same name for your organization every time you input a race result. How I have the database set up is that it searches for your records by your organization name. So, if one week you put your organization as "North Side Flyers" and the next week as "Northside Flyers" and the next week as "Northside", we will have problems because I can only link to one of those names and the other entries will not be displayed.

So, once you start using an organization name do not vary it!!!!

Once, I have received your email notification that you are posting results, I will create the "Quick Link" to your results. Sometimes, I notice in the admin database that some new organization is posting and put up the Quick Link without a request, but I am not always checking so it is best to email me and tell me what name your organization is using in the database.

In order to save on space, I may shorten your organization's name in the "Quick Links". For example if you are listing your races as "North Texas Racing Pigeon Club", in the "Quick Links" it might say "North Texas RPC". Don't shorten your organizaton's name to fit the Quick Link because the link is searching for your complete organization's name in the race results database so in this case, clicking on the Quick link "North Texas RPC" will list all races for the organization whose races have "North Texas Racing Pigeon Club" in the "Name of Club or Combine" field of the database.

Hope I have not confused you. It will all work out ok, trust me!!!