Once you have added a race result to your database, you can edit that race result or add new race results to the database by logging in with your "username" and "password".

To list all your organization's results, On the Members Admin Page (appears after you have logged in) select the "Search/Modify" button with all input fields left blank, this will list all race results in your database, or insert identifying data in one of the fields (like the race date field) to find all races in your private race results database having that date.

When your race result(s) appear select the result you desire to edit by clicking on the text in any field (a link). When the underlined text is clicked, the selected race result record will appear in a page titled "Maintenance Page". On this page you will be able to make modifications to the desired field(s). When you are satisfied with your edit job, select the "Modify" button at the bottom of the page.

Now that race result should be edited!