Posting "User" Created Reports (High Point Loft, etc): How to post custom reports

Winspeed, has several reports that your organization can generate and post. Follow the same proceedure to post these reports as you do to post race results.

If you want to create your own reports in a word processor like notepad or wordpad, you need to know that my program displays text as space delimited data and not tab delimited data. What this means is do not use tabs to deliniate your columns of data. Instead align all data in each row by inserting the proper number of blank spaces between the data until all data is positioned in the proper alignment in its onw row. For example, Winspeed is space delimited not tab delimited. Each column of exactly a certain number of spaces long, each row is exactly the same number of spaces long. Winspeed does not use TABS to deliniate columns of data it uses exact number of spaces per column of data. Just create your report without tabs and only using blank spaces to align the data and it will display correctly.

If you are creating your own reports like in Excel, try this:

Save your excel file

Then use the Save As menu option to save the file again only choose the "space delimited" file option. Now the excel spreadsheet should still be displayed on your screen only it is now formatted as a .prn file.

Now choose the "Select All" menu choice from the Edit Menu, then "Copy".

Now paste the space delimited file into the textarea in your admin page on the racingpigeonmall race results section.

Fill in the other fields (Release, Organization Name, Date) and the press the "Add" button.

That should paste the report into the database for all your members to access.