Posting your club or combine race results on this site in easy (we hope). Only race secretaries are allowed to post race results!

First log in either as a new race secretary if this is your first time entering a race result, or as a returning race secretary if you have already registered a "username" and "password". Note: New users log in at a different link than returning users!

Since you are using a "username" and "password" you can log in at any time and edit your existing database of race results. Only you will be able to edit or add results to your database.

Once you are logged in, your "Members Admin Page" will appear and you can edit your existing race results or add new ones.

To add a race result, fill in all the fields:

Data of Race: in the format mm/dd/yyyy

Release: (Options are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Point Standings) If you have two releases post the earliest race as 1st and the later race as 2nd. If you release a third race use 3rd. You can use the Points Standings option to list point standings as of that race date.

Name of Club or Combine: Just put your club or combine name. If you find that there is another organization posting with the same name as your's, just put the initials of your state after your organization's name (remember you can edit your database at any time) to clarify your organization from an other and make it easier for your race results to be posted seperately of other results. Note: I will link all your results in the Quick Link page tied to the name you use here. So, whatever name you use will continue to be the name you use at all times when inputting a race. For example you cannot use NCI Club one time and North Cascade Invitaional the next and NCI RPC the next. Always use the same name in this field then all your races will be displayed.

Race Results: Most organizations are having success posting Winspeed results. If using other race results programs try saving them in HTML format. Other formats should work just as well like text (.txt).

If using Winspeed, Go to the menu choice "Print" and choose "Report". When the Print Report screen is opened, Click on the check box to "Open in Wordpad". Once the race result is displayed in wordpad, choose "Select All" from the Wordpad edit menu and then the "Copy" command. Paste the selected race result into the textarea of the race results page and when all the other fields are filled in, press the "ADD" button to save the race report.

If you cannot access the internet from the club computer, just save the wordpad document to a disk and take it to an internet accessible computer and open the file (in wordpad) and complete the instructions listed in the above paragraph.

If your race results are not formatted correctly when you view them just paste them in again in another format.

Note: The text field you are posting your results into may not be large enough to display the lines of text fully extended. Do not worry if your race result does not look properly formatted on the imput page. Just go ahead and save it by pressing the "ADD" button and then log out and return to the race results page and search for your organization's results and view the results. If the formatting is not correct log on again and edit the results by pasting a page saved in another format and view again until you are satisfied or ask your questions here and we will try to help you.

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