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Triple Action Respiratory Treatment ~ New All Natural Respiratory Product

Used for helping respiratory problems such as bronchitis, asthma, and cold symptoms. Has expectorant properties, and used in the treatment of chest complaints such as bronchitis and whooping cough. Exerts a soothing effect on inflamed mucous membranes of the throat, lungs, stomach and intestines. Beneficial for coughs, and all throat and bronchial irritations.

Triple Action Respiratory Treatment ~ contains herbal extracts which are beneficial to the respiratory organs in that they contain anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, are rich in naturally derived antioxidants, contain flavonoid and other phenolic compounds and are known to stimulate immune cell function in the lungs, airsacs and parabronchi.

I do a great deal of studying, including reading research papers whose findings can be applied to improving pigeon health. Because of this information, I am able to identify extracts which have been shown to increase antibody production in the lung tissues and to target pathogens (both bacterial and viral), for direct immune cell cytotoxic response (which destroys these infected target cells)

These extracts are know to stimulate immune B cell production of "specific" antibodies which target the infected cells for destruction and to stimulate immune T cells production of "antibody specific" cytotoxic substances which are injected (by these T cells), into the target pathogenic cells, destroying their ability to reproduce.

A four ounce bottle of Triple Action Respiratory Treatment contains about 2400 drops and a drop would treat two birds, when used as a preventitive. For example, if in your loft you had a section with 40 birds in it, then you would put 20 drops of Triple Action Respiratory Treatment in the amount of water those birds would consume in a day. You can also give the drops in a smaller amount of water and then when all of the treated water is consumed, fill the waterer up again. This method will get more of the active ingredients into their systems earlier and at a higher potency then letting the substance sit all day in the water.

For those who would like to give individual treatment from time to time, if you have an empty eyedropper bottle, put 10 drops of Triple Action Respiratory Treatment and 90 drops of water, in your eyedropper bottle. You may then administer 5 drops per bird individually.

Preventive or maintenance dose: 0.5 drops per bird
Treatment for early stage respiratory distress: 1.0 drops per bird
Acute respiratory distress: 2.0 drops per bird

The four ounce bottle of Triple Action Respiratory Treatment, has its own dropper system so you can dispense drops directly from the bottle.

Four ounce bottle ~ $23.95

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