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Muscle Powder

Our Newest Performance Product

A complex carbohydrate / anti-catabolic / Race Performance blend, which increases muscle cell volume while positively affecting the rate at which nutrients are absorbed and waste products are released. Enhances strength and endurance, improves blood flow to and from the working muscles, speeds muscle recovery after hard races and improves mental acuity.

With Super Creatine Plus and Muscle Max being two of the most popular performance products offered in North America, you may ask, why did I create another performance product?

The answer is; I am attempting to address the desires of a segment of my customer base who want a single product which has both the benefits of Super Creatine Plus and the benefits of Muscle Max. Unfortunately, I cannot deliver that product, you just cannot provide the flexibility and performance enhancements available with Super Creatine Plus and Muscle Max, in one combined product. If you call me, I will give you the exact reasons why this is true. It has to do with the flexibility of "when" you use each product and the fact that some ingredients found in Muscle Max are best delivered in a liquid.

However, Muscle Powder is one heck of a good product, and it does combine many of the benefits of Super Creatine Plus and Muscle Max into one easy to use product. The trade off is you have a little less control over the process but your schedule of use is simplified. Also, we include some ingredients in Muscle Powder that are not found in Super Creatine Plus or Muscle Max. With the good results we have received from our test lofts, I believe that Muscle Powder is the best stand alone product on the market today, which has the duel purpose of increasing race performance replenishing the muscle fibers and speeding up recovery after a race.

To those customers who are using both Super Creatine Plus and Muscle Max, I recommend that you continue to use these products. There are no products on the market today that can elevate performance and quickly restore race birds to form like Super Creatine Plus and Muscle Max. Using these two products, you have more flexibility in your delivery of the active ingredients at the most optimal time for peak performance.

Super Creatine Plus and Muscle Max, are my proven performance products. Many have switched from other creatine products to Super Creatine Plus, because of the adverse side effects those other creatine products have on our birds, especially when the birds are racing in hot weather. Muscle Max, which was released about 2 years ago, was proven when the 1st & 8th AU Hall of Fame 151 - 200 Lofts were raced on this product during our initial testing. I recently sent four additional bottles of Muscle Max to that customer in preparation for the 2010 race season.

So, if I have two "Best of Breed" products, why would I develop another product? The answer is, I am always looking to improve my customer's ability to win races and maintain health in their birds throughout the race season. "Muscle Powder" falls somewhat between Super Creatine Plus and Muscle Max in its ability to effect the performance of your birds before, during and after the races. It contains some, but not all, of the benefit found in Muscle Max and contains some, but not all of the benefit found in Super Creatine Plus. It also contains ingredients not found in either Super Creatine Plus or Muscle Max. It is a uniquely different product that falls somewhere between Super Creatine Plus and Muscle Max in its benefits to our race birds. I have high hopes for Muscle Powder and offer it here to those interested in trying it on their birds.

Dosage is one teaspoon of "Muscle Powder" per 25 birds in the water (or on the feed):
~ Upon return from a race (should be immediately available upon entering the loft)
~ If birds are training hard may give mid-week or after a hard training toss
~ On the day prior to basketing (or on day of basketing if replaced with fresh clean water four hours prior to crating the birds up for the club house)
~ If basketing is two days before the race you may supplement right up until the time of basketing


Krebs Cycle Complex
R Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)
Vitamin C
Beta Alanine
Arginine AKG
Glucosamine Sulfate
Choline bitartrate
Citrulline Malate
Ginko biloba
Ginseng root
Taurine AKG
Tyrosine AKG
Folic Acid
Vitamin B6
N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)
Pantothenic acid
Para-aminobenzoic acid
Vanadyl Sulfate
Vitamin B12

One single size jar (contains about 48 teaspoons) $16.49
One double size jar (contains about 96 teaspoons) $30.49

John Vance
35401 Camino Capistrano
Capistrano Beach, CA 92624

Phone Orders: 949-496-4825

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