Probiotic System for outstanding friendly bacteria protection

Contains 12 unique strains of "Friendly Bacteria" Selected for their positive health effect on Racing Pigeons.
One gram supplies Ten Billion Friendly Bacteria + antibodies + immunogloblins + 2 to 4 fold prebiotic boost.

Read about the 12 "friendly bacteria" strains (2 new strains) updated on 07/30/2014

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Our probiotics are grown for us by the top culture lab in North America, then shipped by overnight delivery right to our doorstep. We mix our products on demand, that means the product we ship to you was mixed and packaged usually within one or two days of shipping. Often, we mix the ingredients on the day of shipping.

We ship all products USPS Priority Mail (flat rate of $9.75 regardless of the number of items ordered). This guarantees that you will receive the freshest most viable probiotics on the market today. You just cannot get a fresher, stronger more vital probiotic product than what we offer at RacingPigeonMall. Even if you went right to the health food store you couldn't get anything near as vital and fresh as our "on-demand" probiotics. That is one important feature which distinguishes us from the competition. We do our own mixing and packaging on a daily basis.

Probiotics are an important tool in establishing and preserving the good health of your birds. These probiotics play important roles in protecting the bird from viral and bacterial infections, probiotics enhance the bird's ability to assimilate vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The particular patented strains of probiotics we utilize in our "Bio-Fresh" Probiotic System, are know to product their own natural immunity building substances, greatly improving the health of the birds and enabling the birds to more easily fight off viral and bacterial infections.

There is no product on the market today that is as viable or as "fresh" as our "Bio-Fresh" Probiotic System. Don't order your probiotics from supply houses where they may have been sitting for months in a warehouse before being delivered to the pigeon supply house. At the pigeon supply center these probiotics may sit for yet another period of months before finally being sold and delivered to you. You are doing yourself and your birds a big favor when you order your probiotics "fresh" from us and delivered by Priority Mail.

Important Notice: In addition to the patented strains of probiotics that we utilize, "Bio-Fresh" contains special "pre-biotics" which supply select micro-nutrients for better colony growth and effectiveness in protecting your birds.

A prebiotic is a blend of specialized ingredients that actually encourages the probiotic bacteria colonies to bloom, multiply and better establish themselves in the intestinal track of our racing pigeons. Prebiotics create the correct environmental conditions and deliver beneficial micro-nutrients for friendly bacterial growth. Studies have shown that these pre-biotics increases the probiotic effect in your birds by 2 - 4 fold.

Every gram of our probiotic / prebiotic mixture contains billions of the colony forming friendly bacteria most helpful for pigeon health

John Vance
35401 Camino Capistrano
Capistrano Beach, CA 92624

Phone Orders: 949-496-4825

Bio-Fresh: $21.95

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