Improves the Effectiveness of any Probiotic Product

NOTE: Also recommended to our Bio-Fresh, Max Immune Plus and Show Stopper customers

Micro nutrient Blend for Friendly Bacteria Colonies

Now you can improve the effectiveness of any probiotic on the market today, by supplementing your birds with our Bio-Booster product. We developed Bio-Booster to be incorporated into our Bio-Fresh probiotic product, but you can use Bio-Booster with any “Friendly Bacteria” product, to improve the effectiveness of that product.

Bio-Fresh, contains many ingredients developed by us to enhance the effectiveness of the twelve “friendly bacteria” strains included in the Bio-Fresh product. The purpose of these ingredients are to provide a successful foundation upon which the “friendly bacteria” can establish themselves and multiply.

Some of these ingredients are prebiotics (micro-nutrients specifically tailored to encourage the growth of the friendly bacteria strains found in our Bio-Fresh product), some are defensins (inhibit pathogen growth) which increases the competitive advantage of our “friendly bacteria” strains as they seed and colonize the gastro-intestinal tract.

One very important ingredient, forms a micro adhesive layer to enhance bonding between our “friendly bacteria” strains and the gastro-intestinal tract. Without this adhesive layer, up to 50% of your introduced probiotic strains, may simply pass out of the gastro-intestinal tract “unattached” and be flushed from the system.

We know that not all fanciers are ready to try our products and currently have loyalty to other probiotic products. For these fanciers, we are packaging all the ingredients found in our Bio-Fresh product, except for the 12 unique strains of “Friendly Bacteria” which are included in the Bio-Fresh product.

Bio-Booster is also recommended to our Bio-Fresh, Max Immune Plus and Show Stopper customers. If you have read our latest article published in the October 15, 2012 (Breeder’s Issue) of the Racing Pigeon Digest, you know that I encourage a very health bloom of healthy friendly bacteria living in the microbiota (the totality of bacteria and other microorganisms residing within a host).

I cannot promise the same results using Bio-Booster with other products, as one can get with Bio-Fresh, because we do not use any preservatives or fillers (lactic acid, acidic acid, aesorbic acid, vitamin C, etc.) that are used by other products to lower acidity, or as anti-caking ingredients, which can often be such a large percentage of the mix that the inhibit the full effectiveness of the Bio-Booster product, to increase the bloom on your “Friendly Bacteria” colonies. However, I can state that no matter which probiotic product you prefer to give to your birds, Bio-Booster will improve the overall health of your “Friendly Bacteria” colonies.

Give whenever using your probiotic product and again as often as you like, throughout the week.

100 tsp container = $ 18.49

Note: Because our product contains no fillers, anti-caking agents or preservatives, over time in humid areas, caking might occur, but this will not effect the product. If any caking does occur just break up any clumps back to powder form, or run through a flour sifter or small mesh screen and continue to use. Caking does not degrade the effectiveness of this product.

We do package this product like all our products in screw tight jars with liners in the lids to give a good seal. Occasionally, fancier forgets to screw the lid tight and moisture is absorbed causing the caking. If you screw the lid tight after every use, caking will not occur. Caking does not degrade this product, it is a sign of the purity of the product.

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