I recently have read some very interesting research on Vitamin B12. It turns out, that neither plants nor animals can synthesize B12. Only bacteria have the enzymes required for its synthesis. In fact, the only way we can make commercial quantities of B12 is through fermentation of selected microorganisms. You can eat shell fish or meat (especially liver) to ingest rich sources of B12, but the source of the B12 production was by bacteria in those shell fish or animals.

I visited three top pigeon sites and found that one recommended 0.01 mg per bird, another recommend 0.3 mg per bird and yet another recommend 1.0 mg per bird. Interestingly, latest research on humans suggest a minimum daily requirement of 0.0026 mg for a pregnant woman. Some nutrition companies suggest 0.018 mg daily. None the less, compare those amounts to the huge amounts suggested by some pigeon pundants who recommend one pigeon take 50 times the amount recommended for a human.

So, with all the talk of supplementing our birds with high doses of B12, I have to ask, how did the birds survive before we developed supplemental sources of B12? If the diet of a pigeon (mostly grains and greens) does not supply B12 then just how did the birds get B12 into their diet???

The answer is: bacterial B12-biosynthesis!

Again, we come back to the sybiotic relationship between a host (pigeon) and its guests (friendly bacteria). Again, we see how disrupting the natual flora within the pigeon with medications and antibiotics, results in reduced natural production and synthesis of many vitiamins including B12 amd other B complex vitamins.

The Super B complex I now offer for sale, is a great source for all the B Vitamins. Those who practice natual health and who use products like Max Immune Plus and Show Stopper, have a much lower requirement for supplemental vitamins in their lofts, because their natural health regimes, enhance the production, synthesis and absorption of these vitamins in much greater efficiency than those lofts that practice in the use of medications and antibiotics.

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