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Interesting information about Racing Pigeon Respiration

Van Limpt ~ De KLAK Legendary Auction

Golden Grizzle Delbars by the "Black Forest Bear"

The life Cycle of E.labbeana and E.columbarum. by John Vance

Is the US going the way of Taiwan? by Alex Cornella

“Sex Linkage” – What does it mean? by Tom Barnhart

The pigeon war, better known as kash al-hamam by The Daily Star

The Prepotent Producer & Filial Degeneration by Stephen K. Bishop

The Stray by John Vance

The "Twice Dead" Cock by John Vance

What is Sportsmanship? NCAA document.

National Ace pigeons and National Champions by Ad Schaerlaeckens.

How to breed Good Pigeons by Ad Schaerlaeckens.

Two Part Series on "Strains, Names and Eyes" by Ad Schaerlaeckens.

The strain makers - Georges Busschaert by Alan Wheeldon.

Old Line Janssens and their impact in the USA by Gerald Hebert & Daryl J. Honey Sr.

Is marathon racing a declining art in North America? by John Vance.

World Champions From Barcelona by John Vance.

Champions of What? by John Vance.

Fabulous Fabrys by Alex Cornella.

Staf Van Reet ~ Master Breeder by Tom De Martino.

The Origins of the Trenton Strain by John Vance.

The Barcelona International Race 2001 by John Vance.

PAUL WALSH: A Passionate Flyer With An Incredible Record by Alex Cornella.

Bert Braspenning: King of the Sprint by John Vance.

"De Felle": Greatest Janssen Racing and Breeding Pigeon of all time by John Vance.

Ornithosis: by Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht.

Adeno Virosis by Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht.

Irma - A Breeding Hen Destined To Become An American Legend by Alex Cornella.

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