The greatest Janssen Racing and Breeding Pigeon of all time

“De Felle” was bred and flown by Bert Braspenning. After his astonishing record as a flyer and breeder had been established, “De Felle” was sold to Louella Pigeon World, but not before many of his young had filled Braspenning's racing and breeding lofts.

“De Felle”, bred winners with six different hens before being sold to Louella Pigeon World. He is the grandsire and great grandsire of countless other winners.

Below are the most important of the race results for “De Felle” - A bird many believe to be the greatest racing and breeding Janssen of all time.

21 prizes in the top 1%

  3rd –  3,968 p.
  5th –  3,494 p.
  5th –  4,251 p.
  5th –  6,016 p.
  9th –  4,169 p.
  9th –  6,418 p.
 10th –  4,562 p.
 10th – 10,140 p.
 11th –  5,396 p.
 13th –  8,236 p.
 16th –  4,258 p.
 18th –  4,824 p.
 19th –  3,047 p.
 21st –  5,517 p.
 22nd –  4,710 p.
 30th – 10,579 p.
 32nd – 10,457 p.
 36th –  3,861 p.
 50th – 10,070 p.
 81st –  8,683 p.
 96th – 10,291 p.
3 X General Champion
3rd National Ace 1990
Sire of winners (with 6 different hens) including:

  1st –   1,664 p.
  1st –   9,952 p.

  1st –   4,062 p.
  1st – 10,098 p.

De Fidelio
  1st –   9,028 p.

De Regulas
  1st –   6,291 p.

“De Felle” is down from four super acquisitions from the Janssen Brothers, a son of “Jonge Merckx”, a grandaughter of the “Oude Vos”, a grandson of the “Oude Merckx”, and a grandaughter of the “Oude Gelooger”.

Of special note is the fact that “De Felle” was bred on the world famous "Van Moorsel" while in Braspenning's loft. "Van Moorsel" is considered the greatest racing pigeon of all time, being 2nd Ace Hen of the Netherlands in '89, '90, and '91, the becoming 1st Ace Pigeon of the Netherlands in 1992. This mating of “De Felle” X "Van Moorsel" must be considered the "Dream" Janssen mating of the 1990's.

RacingPigeonMall is the agent of Bert Braspenning in the United States and has already imported for USA clients 15 Braspenning Janssens in 2001, including two grandchildren of “De Felle” X "Van Moorsel".

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