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Evergreen State Concourse Y.B. Schedule 2017

Date Rel. Station Rel. Station Shipping Day
5-Aug A Kalama, WA B Winlock, WA Friday
12-Aug A Vancouver, WA B Kalama, WA Friday
19-Aug A Salem, OR B Salem, OR Friday
26-Aug A Tangent, OR B Tangent, OR Friday
2-Sep A Coburg, OR B Coburg, OR Friday
9-Sep A Cottage Grove, OR B Cottage Grove, OR Friday
17-Sep A Tri City, OR (PSF/Bonus Bond Open) Saturday (Sun.race, Mon. K.O.)

The above final race of the year is open to all YB in the Evergreen Conc.
& NW Federation and will count for all championship points. It will be a
single simultaneous release shipped from Tradewinds in Tacoma.

Evergreen Concourse points races start 19-Aug. Ammended 07/15/17.

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