Date of Race (__/__/____)ReleaseName of Club or Combine
2018 OB RACE SCHEDULEAnnouncements1 Omaha RPA
2018 YB RACE SCHEDULEAnnouncements2 Omaha RPA
SHORT AVGPoint Standingsomaha rpa
OVERALL AVGPoint Standingsomaha rpa
LONG AVGPoint Standingsomaha rpa
CHAMP BIRDPoint Standingsomaha rpa
09/15/20181stomaha rpa
09/09/20181stomaha rpa
09/01/20181stomaha rpa
08/25/20181stomaha rpa
08/18/20181stomaha rpa
06/30/20182ndomaha rpa
06/30/20181stomaha rpa
06/23/20181stomaha rpa
06/16/20181stomaha rpa

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