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About this newsletter   by John Vance, editor

Welcome to the latest issue of the Racing Pigeon Enthusiast, This newsletter is sponsored by and it is hoped that many more issues will follow.

You will find in this issue; two articles written by Liam O Comain and one article from myself. Liam, gives us a history lesson on one of the great foundation strain of the Netherlands and introduces us to one of the outstanding breeding hens in modern history. My article deals with pigeon health and how sometimes our best intentions backfire on us and on the health of our birds.

If you have articles that you would like published in the newsletter please feel free to e-mail them to me. This newsletter goes out to about 950+ subscribers. The number of subscribers changes with every issue as some new subscribers sign up and others are dropped because they have changed their e-mail address and have not updated their new information in our database.

The Law of Unintended Consequences   by John Vance

The Law of Unintended Consequences, Competitive Exclusion and When Bad bacteria are Good bacteria

Recently, two racing pigeon fanciers were arguing as to whether a specific medication killed 99% or 100% of its targeted pathogen population. My response to them was that, in most cases, neither result is advantageous for the overall health of our birds.

Fanciers should realize, that there is no way we can maintain a 100% shield from bacterial or viral infections in our birds. It is not possible nor is it desirable. The best methodology that I know of, is to keep these pathogen populations at such low counts, that the bird's natural immune response is able to control the populations and maintain a balance within the bird.

So called evolution has created a successful symbiotic relationship between thousand of microbial colonies which occupy "niches" in our biosphere (body). When this balance is upset, we get sickness. When the balance is maintained we have greater health and well being.

So, the conversation about whether a specific medication or antibiotic kills 99% or 100% of a bacterial infections is rather moot. In a perfect world you would maintain colonies of ecoli, cocci, salmonella, etc. in manageable populations according to the....

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The Van Der Wegen Strain ~ A New Dynasty   By: Liam O Comain

This particular strain of distance racing pigeons blossomed on the tree of the Jan Aarden dynasty and without a doubt it is one of the greatest families of the sport. A truth confirmed by the countless successes of the founder, Janus van der Wegen, and his sons (Jac and Anton) and the numerous fanciers from throughout the world who have succeeded with it. In fact it is possible that it could be the beginning of a new dynasty of the sport in the present century.

The strain had its origins in the Dutch town of Steenbergen which is the source of many outstanding strains and families such as Jan Aarden, Ligtenburg and van Agatmaal, among others. Obviously there must be something in the air of that Dutch environment which has produced such giants and greats of the sport.

Janus van der Wegen who laid the strain's foundations was of the former school and by all accounts he was a born pigeoner. The strain has been developed from pigeons which have flown the tough Dutch programme of Bergerac, Dax, St.Vincent and Barcelona including Tinus of Meer who won in 1971 1st National St. Vincent with a Jan Aarden. Piet de Weerd once wrote that one of the first pigeons to start Van der Wegen off was from....

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The Immortal Zilvervosje   By: Liam O Comain

There have been many great pigeons in the history of the sport of pigeon racing and there are many at present throughout the world. We all have our stars so to speak. Pigeons like the famous ‘Tee’, ‘Invincible Spirit’, ‘Super Ben’, ‘The Legend’, ‘ Lancashire Rose’, ‘De Barcelona’, ‘Bann King’, to name but a few. (And of course my own personal star ‘The Crooner’). But I wonder if the subject of this piece is the greatest pigeon in the history of our sport. A thoroughbred named ‘Zilvervosje’ whose origins many of the sport's historians would admit are rather vague. However, this great pigeon has played a major role in the evolution and the development of the modern long distance and marathon racer. A light check hen reflecting a touch of silver in her wings who remained fertile until her 16th year and who was the foundation of many great families and strains as well as being....

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Breaking News ~ Performance Products that Work!  

New Performance Product is now Available.

We are honored to report that we have cross licensed with two of the top nutritional labs in North America, in order to acquire their proprietary products and delivery systems, for the benefit of the racing pigeon sport. Our Newly re-formulated performance products are uniqely blended like no other products on the market today.

2007, was a banner year for Racing Pigeon Mall. We introduced our new Muscle Max product to several test lofts and they were well pleased with the results. Our friend Saki Becaveric, placed 1st and 8th AU Hall of Fame 151 - 200 Lofts, and keeps referring more and more of his friends, so that they can also purchase these unique performance products created especially for the needs of our racing pigeons,

Look for our two page ad in the RPD Breeder's Issue April 1st, for more info on these exceptional products.

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Top Record Birds from Germany Ready for Import  

Our long time friend, Pete Pieper of Germany, from whom we have imported many birds, has several record birds for sale. Pete has exported champions out of Germany to clients around the world for many years. If you would like to read some information on three birds Pete currently has available for sale, then click the link below.

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