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About this newsletter   by John Vance, editor

Welcome to the twelfth issue of the Racing Pigeon Enthusiast, This newsletter is sponsored by and it is hoped that many more issues will follow.

In this newsletter, you will find a "hopefully" interesting article on how our birds utilize iodine. This article is part one of a three part series which I hope sheds additional light on racing pigeon health. Iodine is not one of the glamorous: minerals, amino acids, vitamins, or performance enhancing products, but it is the most basic of all ingredients for success in any loft.

You will notice that I have reprinted an earlier article on "Immunity building". I first published this article in January, as part of a series. I am now ready to expand the series, so I am re-starting the series by reprinting part one and in following issues I will expand on this important topic for the Racing Pigeon Enthusiast.

If you have articles that you would like published in the newsletter please feel free to e-mail them to me. This newsletter goes out to about 700+ subscribers. The number of subscribers changes with every issue as some new subscribers sign up and others are dropped because they have changed their e-mail address and have not updated their new information in our database.

Iodine, Metabolic Rate and High School Chemistry (Part I)   by John Vance

The thyroid gland has many magnificent functions, and it was while studying these functions, that I started to contemplate yet another possible function of the thyroid, a function, that to my knowledge no one else has discussed, the thyroid's ability to ever so slightly disinfect the blood.

Before I continue this article let me state one thing. What I suggest here is my opinion only. There are no scientific papers, that I could find, which support my theory. Having said that, let me continue.

Every few minutes, all the blood in a pigeon completely circulates through the body. The thyroid gland, which is supplied by arterial flow, interacts with the blood as it circulates, selectively absorbing iodine (actually iodide ions) from the bloodstream and storing the iodine for the future production of thyroid hormones.

Though Iodine is found throughout the body, the concentration of iodine in the thyroid gland is about 1100 times greater than that found in any other part of the body. Approximately, 20% of all the iodine present in the body is concentrated in the tiny thyroid gland.

As blood circulates through the Thyroid gland, it passes across a network of follicles sticking out into the blood flow. You might almost visualize its structure as resembling gills on a fish only on a microscopic level. This vast network of follicles greatly increases the epithelial surface area allowing maximum iodine extraction from the blood flow.

What we have then, is a tremendous amount of surface area confined within a tiny chamber (the thyroid gland) and this tiny chamber containing concentrations of iodine 1100 times greater than that found in any other part of the body. I believe with every pass of the blood...

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Helping the Immune System Do it! (Part 1)   By: John Vance

The health and performance of your racing pigeons is directly influenced by the vigor of their immune system. Under natural circumstances, the immune system is a wonderful, sophisticated network of cells and molecules that constantly strive to maintain health and well being. It is responsible for all aspects of health and when functioning at peak efficiency can handle anything.

However, stresses associated with racing and training, cross contamination in the shipping crates, environmental pollution, inclement weather, inadequate nutritional feed sources and a number of other factors, greatly reduce the effectiveness of our bird's immune systems.

The challenges that we face; when preparing our birds for the breeding season, the rearing of their young and in preparation for the race season have reduced many fliers to a “shotgun” methodology when using antibiotics on the birds. You know what I am talking about, treating the birds with a regular antibiotic schedule whether or not they actually show symptoms. We often hear this approach called “preventative treatments”. I call it - Antibiotic Abuse. Just pull the trigger and hope you hit something.

These so called “preventative treatments” compound health problems by breaking down within our birds the “natural” disease fighting mechanisms, we collectively call the “immune response”, while at the same time often creating “super-bugs” resistant to many of the antibiotic treatments available today.

Making the situation even worse, we then further tax our bird's internal organs with all kind of supplements and stimulants in the hope of “building up” the very safeguard systems we have broken down, through our so called preventative treatments, in the first place.

Helping the Immune System Do it!

I know this will appear crazy to some, but the successful flier of the near future, will shun the “shotgun approach” to pigeon health and implement programs that enhance immune response. This is being done today, and we will see greater and greater support for immune modulators as continued antibiotic dependence fails to produce the results many are striving for in our sport.

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Those that use my products know that I do not disclose my client list. I prefer to keep my clients annonomous so that any edge they develop from the use of my products is maintained against their competition. However, most all my business is "word of mouth" referrals, one friend telling another about the products. Every couple of weeks, I get a phone call from someone using the products to tell me how well they are working out in their health and race programs.

One of my clients has practically insisted that I tell his success story from using my products. So, I am going to tell his story in this newsletter.

Several weeks ago, Allen Baggs called me. He was starting his second YB series and on the first race of the season, he finished over an hour out. He said that on return, his birds were sickly, had loose green dropping and were throwing up their feed. He said he was not the only one with this problem. After this first race, he consulted a vet and the vet put his birds on Baytril and Corid. It was at this point that I received Allen's first call.

After talking with Allen, I priority mailed out my three performance and health products to him,. These are products that I mix fresh and send out from my home as needed for my clients. Six days later, I received this email from Allen:

"Hi John! I wanted to update you about my birds. They look great! I've had them on your supplements since Monday, as we discussed. They are handling great! The shine has returned to thier neck feathers, and the droppings are back to normal. They are flying well, and they will go in the basket tonight for a 150 mile race tomorrow. Thanks for all the help! Allen Baggs"

What Allen did not tell me in the email was that his birds had been locked up for two weeks without any training or loft flying. The only exercise they received before the race was on the day before shipping (Thursday) when they were tossed in groups of threes from about 10 - 20 miles.

Sunday afternoon after the results were figured, Allen called to tell me his results: (115 birds / 11 lofts / 150 miles) 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th, etc.

The next week, he called to report; (103 birds / 11 lofts / 200 miles) 6th - 10th, 12th, 15th - 18th, etc.

That same week there was a club 200 futurity race in which he had the only day bird taking 1st by over 5 hours.

The next week (this week), he called to report; (78 birds / 9 lofts / 200 miles) 4th - 12th, 14th, 16th, etc.

Every week, Allen is just bursting to tell me how well he is doing in the races and that he gets many comments from his club members on how well the birds handle (and perform). Allen finally feels that he is competitive in his club. He now has a real enthusiasm towards the sport and works hard to get the results he is experiencing.

Allen flys with the Hampton Roads RPC and all these races have been 900 - 1100 ypm headwind events.

Congratulations Allen, on your strong performances. If my products have help in any way, I am greatful!

Max Immune Plus ~ Our New Racing Pigeon Health Product  

The immune system is the body's defense against infectious organisms and other invaders. Through a series of steps called the immune response, the immune system attacks organisms and substances that invade our systems and cause disease.

Most infectious diseases that our racing pigeons encounter are precipitated by immune suppression associated with natural stresses (e.g., raising young, inclement weather, injury, etc.) and stresses brought on by management practices (e.g., over crowding, racing and training, cross contamination in the shipping crates & transport, inadequate nutritional feed sources, etc.).

These stressful situations, greatly reduce the effectiveness of our bird's immune systems and provide opportunities for viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus, allergens and other toxins to suppress the immune response.

Max Immune Plus, works through a two fold process:

It directly attacks pathogenic micro-organisms and other toxins present in the bird's system

It works at the cellular level to potentiate the macrophage (specific type of white blood cells), keeping them in a highly prepared state for any threat the immune system may encounter. When your bird's immune system is in this highly prepared state, the invading organisms do not have the time to build up force and strength before the immune system attacks and destroys these invaders.

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