Update on the New All Natural Anti-Viral Product:

A couple of months ago, I mentioned a New "All Natural" Anti-Viral Ingredient, that I was testing out. Here is an update on the progress of the ingredient

The new "all natural" anti-viral ingredient was tested in three different lofts which met the criteria for testing (suspected gastro-intestinal viral infections). The three lofts were somewhat representative of different environments.

~ A loft in which only a single YB section showed signs of infection.

~ A loft where all sections in the loft were affected but the worse symptoms were in the breeding section, where YB's developed properly and then died when about two weeks old.

~ A "one loft race" with 300+ YB's

In all cases, prior to contacting me, the loft owners had tried several rounds of medications and antibiotics recommended by the pigeon supply houses yet they had little success in stopping their specific problem. Symptoms were generally; chronic diarrhea, birds going light, increased water consumption, and a high mortality rate.

Though what I am reporting is not scientific, I can say that all three loft reported improvement in health upon starting on the new anti-viral ingredient. They all said that the diarrhea and wasting away subsided and that birds stopped dying.

Since there are so many factors that can effect the outcome, I cannot say with certainty that the anti-viral was the sole reason for the positive results. However, the results were promising in all three lofts.

One of the lofts reported back the following:


A short report on my sickness problem. Each day since I spoke to you on the telephone has shown marked improvement. The diarrhea is almost completely gone. I am actually finding some normal droppings in the affected loft again, and the water consumption is back to a more normal level. Best of all, no dead birds in over a week. I hope the problem is solved and with good management can be prevented from ever occurring again. I thank you for your help.

I should point out that all three lofts were administering my "natural" Immunity Building products to treat concurrent secondary infections at the same time they were using the anti-viral ingredient. These Immunity Building products may have improved results over using the anti-viral ingredient alone.

One final note: I have introduced the people who make the anti-viral ingredient to a contact I have with one of the largest animal feed ingredient suppliers in the world and they are now in discussions about testing the anti-viral ingredient on one of the experimental farms run by the feed manufacturer. Testing like this takes a great deal of time in order to properly plan and execute. Scientist must define the scope of the experiment, the method of delivery, define how they will quantify the results, they must maintain control groups for comparison, etc. I do not expect the testing to start before the Spring, but if all goes well, we should have scientific results sometime next year.

It is my hope, that the testing proves positive and that we will have available; an anti-viral product ,effective against gastro-intestinal viral infections, which causes no damage to the natural defense system (friendly bacteria, intestinal epithelial tissue and the intestinal mucosial barrier, etc.) and has none of the toxicity problems (liver and kidneys) often associated with the use of medications and antibiotics.

John V

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