Health: The Natural Way

I believe that the pendulum is swinging the other way these days. After many years of being indoctrinated that we must medicate their birds, for all kinds of conditions, if we want to win races, I now believe fanciers are starting to return to the use of natural products and the old time remedies that served the early flyers so well.

Along that path, I had developed a health system which has allowed me to keep my birds in excellent health for the past 14 months without the use of medications. That's right, no treatment for cocci, canker, salmonella, paratyphoid, or worms for a full 14 months. This health system allowed me to win 1st and 3rd Champion bird, 2nd short, 1st long and 1st overall Average speed, and win the last race of the season (545 miles) by over 4 hours!!!

The first thing you should know about the health system I use is that I call it the "Knock Down" Health System. I am not trying to eradicate every single "bad" germ in my pigeons body, Instead, I am using all natural products to keep the germ level at a low enough count that the natural immune response in my birds is able to safely deal with them. I want my birds to develop a natural resistance to canker, cocci, salmonella, paratyphoid, candida, e. coli, etc. and I want this natural resistance passed to their babies in the egg, through the pigeon milk, and from contact with their environment.

Isn't that unique, instead of these "bad" germs developing a resistance to antibiotics and developing into "Super Germs", my birds are building a resistance to the "bad" germs and are developing into "Super Birds". This just makes more sense to me.

Parts of my health plan has been extracted from other's information. Tony Melucci, Frank McLaughlin, Dr. Marks, Jack Barkal, and others have shared "tips" that they use in maintaining the health of their birds. I decided to incorporate their "tips" into a health plan for my birds.

There is nothing new in these "tips", some of you have probably already heard of many of these "tips" and are already using them already. However, while doing my studies on why these "tips" worked, I read about other natural products that I believed had great potential for facilitating health in our birds. I tried these products in conjunction with the above mentioned "tips" and found a wonderful system that maintains the health of my birds without the need to medicate for coccidiosis, canker, or worms.

The thing is, all the ingredients need each other to work properly. Each has a function to fill in making the "Knock Down" Health System a success. Each compliments the next and their overall effect is a naturally balanced bird able to build resistance and develop immunity to many of the bacteria and diseases that our birds are commonly exposed to. This system has also eradicated any problems I had with internal parasites

Over the past 14 months, I have not only, not treated for coccidiosis, canker, or worms, but I have also not needed to treat for salmonella or paratyphoid. My birds have the whitest wattles, excellent feathering and the babies seem to flourish on this stuff.

Those who have purchased young birds from me this year invariably call to ask what health plan am I on. They want to know what I am giving my birds. Two weeks ago I sold a kit and when the guy received his birds, he called me and said "John, whatever you are using I want it!". When I told him that I just make it up myself, he asked if I would make some up for him. Since, I have a list of people wanting my health plan, I have decided to make up a large batch and offer it to any newsletter subscribers who would like to try this all natural health system.

What you get, is a booklet that explains on a day to day basic what I use and how much to use. It explains why I use the products, in what order I use them and why I believe these products are working together to make the "Knock Down" Health system a success. You will get my "special mixture" containing the additional natural products that makes all the other ingredients work successfully together. You will have everything that I have and the special mixture should last you through about 1000 pounds of feed.

When you use the special mixture you do not need to moisten the grain first to get this stuff to stick. I don't know if this stuff has some negative charge that makes it stick to the grain or if it is the milling process I put it through that grinds it up so fine, but whatever it is, unlike other feed additives like Bio Mass, you will not need to put oil or water on the grain first. What I do and fill a large container (I use a 30 gallon rectangular Rubbermaid storage container with lid) with 50 - 80 pounds of grain and add a dusting of the mixture to the grain and blend it all together, then I scoop out grain as needed. This way, any of the mixture that gets knocked off the top grains during scooping clings to the grains below. When the tub is empty, there is usually very little powder in the bottom. It just sticks to the grain.

If you are interested, the cost should run about $20.00 for the mixture (plus shipping). That will be far less than the savings on medication (you won't be using) and one other thing I have found is that the birds eat less when given this mixture. I believe one of its functions is to allow better utilization of the grains by the birds thereby reducing the amount they need to eat. Your feed bill will fall by about 5% using this stuff.

Your birds will enjoy better health, which is in part a result of their livers and internal organs not having to process the many medications you are now giving your birds.

Not only does the "Special Mixture" have a positive effect on the health of your birds in "knocking down" cocci, canker, and worms, but it also contains many nutrients and minerals:

Iron, Manganese, Folic Acid, Copper, Vitamin K3, Zirconium, Vitamin A, Magnesium Oxide, Vanadium, Phosphorous, Vitamin B1, Strontium, Vitamin B2, Aluminum Oxide, Vitamin B3, Silicon, Boron, Vitamin D3, Sodium, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Vitamin B12, Titanium, Vitamin E, and other "secret ingredients". All Natural, all healthy, all good for your birds!

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John Vance