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Known as one of the most informative websites devoted to racing pigeons, Racing Pigeon Mall strives to maintain many "support areas" for racing pigeon enthusiast. One example. is our Free Racing Pigeon Newsletter read by over 900 subcribers worldwide. Within the many issues of our newsletter can be found reports on the international racing scene, profiles of top European and American lofts, health and racing tips, editorials and many great articles.

Another popular "Support Area" is the Race Results database, which currently host over 1500 club and combine race results for many organizations across the USA and Canada.

Racing Pigeon Auction

One of the first programs we wrote was an auction script. Since our Racing Pigeon Auction began in August of 2000, we have had many hundreds of satisfied buyers and sellers. Our 100% Money Back Guarantee is unique for auction sites and has helped us have the highest customer satisfaction rating of any racing pigeon auction on the internet. In fact, since inception we have only had one customer who disliked the purchase they made and they recieved a full refund, no questions asked!

You will never get someone elses culls on our auction site, because the sellers know they will not get paid unless the buyer is 100% satisfied with the birds. We just do not get the junk on our website!

Racing Pigeon Products

Visit our store and read about a new line of Racing Pigeon Products. Our research has revealed several nutritional suppliments that can enhance your bird's health and performance on race day.


If you are like me, you have spent a lot of time building your website and you want others to visit your site and appreaciate your work and passion for the sport. In order to help you and help Racing Pigeon Mall, I have created a Reciprocal links program. I'll place a link to your website on RacingPigeonMall if you will place a link to RacingPigeonMall on your website.

Another popular links page is the Futurity Index where many of the top One Loft and Futurity Races post information. Don't forget to have a look at the Armchair Futurity. This is a virtual futurity where you fly your own birds from your own loft and pick your own race. What could be easier?

Racing Pigeons For Sale

A little know fact about Racing Pigeon Mall is that we have imported for our clients over 75 racing pigeons including: race winners against 5000 birds, ace pigeons including the 3rd national ace pigeon of holland, daughter of the international Bourdeax winner, four grandchildren of Van Moorsel and several grandchildren from the Barcelona International race winner.

We sometimes have Racing Pigeons for Sale including imports, breeders and race birds directly out of our own loft. We are always available to help you with your needs ~ Contact Info

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